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Foreign Tourists in Bali – Tax & Discipline

Foreign Tourists in BaliIndonesian Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Bismar Pandjaitan, is fed-up with foreign visitors acting up and misbehaving in Bali and recommends new policies and regulations to rein in unruly foreigners upsetting public peace and order in Bali and the rest of Indonesia.

As reported by and, Minister Luhut recommends instituting a special tax on foreign tourists to finance infrastructure upgrades and tourism promotion.

The Minister’s latest “get tough” stance towards foreign visitors was announced after he viewed a video made on 15 March 2023 showing a shirtless and helmetless American tourist on a motorcycle abusing a group of policemen conducting roadside vehicle inspections. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

“I am asking a tourist tax soon be implemented for foreigners visiting Indonesia,” said Luhut during a coordination meeting on controlling international visitors in Bali held on 03 April 2023. Posting on his Instagram Account, the Coordinating Minister said the proposed tax, as similar taxes imposed in other countries, would be helpful in financing destination development and tourism promotion.

Continuing, Luhut recommends the Government soon create “disincentives” for specific foreign nationalities known to act in a problematic way. He sees such disincentives as necessary so that Indonesia can be more selective regarding foreign travelers they welcome to the Republic. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Elaborating further, Luhut described Bali as an inexpensive tourist destination. Because of this, he feels foreign low-income tourists are encouraged to come to the Island and disobey local norms and rules.

The Minister alluded to data from the Travel Tourism Development Index for 2021 that he claims foreign tourism expenditures in Indonesia are lower than other destinations promoting “quality tourism.”

“This problem increasingly persuades me that Bali must return to a more transformational map steering away from mass tourism to quality tourism,” said Luhut. In the meantime, the Coordinating Minister calls on all ministries and related agencies to urgently take stern action against foreign tourists who insult national institutions.

Foreign Tourists in BaliAdding: “We cannot allow anyone to ridicule Indonesia. We cannot remain quiet in the face of law violations, especially when this is augmented by insults leveled at national institutions. Soon, we will focus enforcement against violations of public order.” [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Luhut continued saying that if foreign tourists wish to enjoy the beautiful panoramas of Indonesia’s nature, these visitors must first understand and respect Indonesia’s cultural values, traditions, and the rule of law.

Before the call for a crackdown by the Minister, he viewed a video showing a foreign national verbally abusing a policeman working a roadside traffic check trying while ticketing the man for several violations of traffic laws. The video was uploaded to the Twitter account of @niluhdjelantik on Wednesday, 15 March 2023.

The foreigner, later identified as an American, was driving a motorcycle while failing to wear a helmet or a shirt. In the 45-second video, the American repeatedly screamed at the policeman: ”You wanna steal my money.” [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Tourists Following the Rules Can Drive

Foreign Tourists in BaliAs reported by, the Bali Provincial Police have announced that they will not forbid foreign tourists from driving a motorcycle or other vehicle during an Island holiday, providing Law Number 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Transport is obeyed.  [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

The announcement from the Bali Police follows a statement by Bali Governor Wayan Koster forbidding foreign tourists from renting self-drive motorcycles or cars in an effort to improve public order and road safety.

The Head of the Bali Regional Police, Inspector General Putu Jayan Danu Putra, told the press on Friday, 17 March 2023:” Tourists can drive as long as traffic laws are obeyed. For instance, those driving on Bali’s roads must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration (STNK), and a matching license plate. If you follow all the rules, you can drive.”
It is assumed that the Police General meant a valid driver’s license for a tourist would be an international driver’s license.
General Jayan Danu Putra explained that the prohibition for tourists renting self-drive motorcycles is being advanced to enhance the future quality of the Island’s tourism industry. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Foreign Tourists in BaliReferring to Gubernatorial Regulation Number 28 of 2020 on Tourism Management, General Danu Putra said, “(In that regulation) proper tourists will always use vehicles provided by (formal) tourism service providers.” Bali’s top policeman said improving tourism quality requires time and all parties’ cooperation.

As reported by earlier, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, had forbidden foreign tourists from renting and self-driving a motorcycle. The Governor is expected to follow up his pronouncement with a formal provincial regulation soon.

Koster announced the prohibition after numerous reports in the press and social media of disorderly behavior and traffic violations by foreign tourists in Bali. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Caution Urged: Plans to Revoke VoA Facility

The Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna H. Laoly, is quoted by the State News Agency Antara, saying that the recommendation by Bali’s Governor for the Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) facility to be revoked for Ukrainian and Russian visitors to Indonesia.

visa on arrival baliLaoly reminded the future of the VoA for Russians and Ukrainians can only be determined after discussions with several interested parties.
The Minister’s comments were made during a visit to Nusa Dua on Friday, 31 March 2023. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

During his Bali visit, Yasonna H. Laoly said: “The Governor (Bali) has sent a letter, and any decision must be jointly made with several ministries and related agencies. Soon, I will invite the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Tourism, The Minister of Transportation, the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment, the Provincial Government of Bali, the Association of Tour and Travel Agents (ASITA), and the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI) to consider a joint decision.”

The Minister said he could not unilaterally set VoA policy for Russian and Ukrainian citizens. Any decision to revoke this facility will affect the tourism sector and Indonesia’s bilateral relations with many nations. Adding: “Indonesian (tourism) is not only about Russia and Ukraine, and there are many other tourists, such as Australians. Because of this, we need to jointly discuss (any policy change) comprehensively.”

Addressing reports of many violations of the law by foreigners in Bali, Yasonna said that immigration officials, provincial police, and provincial authorities are participating in monitoring teams (Timpora) and supervising and taking action against problematic foreigners. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Earlier, Bali Governor Wayan Koster recommended to the Minister of Law and Human Rights and the Minister of Foreign Affairs the revocation of the VoA facility for Russian and Ukrainian tourists.

Bali authorities have claimed that many Russians are actively evading the military draft in their homeland by extending their stay on the Island.

Governor Koster also insists that many Ukrainian and Russian visitors to Bali use the VoA to work illegally and violate other local laws. Koster alleges that law violations by Russians and Ukrainians far exceed those committed by nationals of other countries. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

]Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice for Russia, Konstantin Anatolievich Chuychenko, has separately stated that the availability of the VoA for Russian visitors to Indonesia not only eases tourist travel but also facilitates international cooperation, especially in areas such as law enforcement actions against international crime.
The Russian state minister pointed out that the number of Russian tourists now visiting Indonesia is less than that in the pre-pandemic period.
Pledging he was ready to help promote Russian tourism to Indonesia, Chuychenko said the close friendship between Russia and Indonesia obliged his Country to do all possible so tourism visitor numbers could be soon doubled. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Rapid growing list of reports of Russians misbehaving in Bali

Russians misbehaving in BaliAdding to the growing list of reports of Russians misbehaving in Bali is news of a group of more than seven foreign tourists who climbed to the volcanic crater of Sacred Mount Agung on the morning of Saturday, 18 March 2022. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Major national news sites and Bali websites, including, report that a Russian tourist marked the occasion of his successful climb by pulling down his trousers and raising his arms in a victory salute.

His naked “triumph” was photographed and posted to social media.
The peak of Mount Agung is an active volcano and the highest point in Bali, measuring 3,031 meters above sea level. A stratovolcano, Mount Agung is held sacred by devout Balinese who view the Mountain’s peak as the central axis or umbilical of the universe. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Bali’s most sacred religious site – Pura Agung Besakih, is a temple situated high on the slopes of the Mountain.
The 1963-64 eruptions of Mount Agung directly killed between 1,500 – 2,000 people while also precipitating widespread starvation in the months that followed.

The 16 May 1963 cataclysmic explosion added to the mystic regard in which Mount Agung is held when pyroclastic flows claimed 200 lives, many of whom were praying at a mountainside religious ceremony and were covered by molten ash. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Miraculously The lava flow diverted at the last moment and made a detour around Puri Agung Besakih.
While lesser temples abound in every area of Bali, Pura Agung Besakih is inarguably the “Mother Temple” of all Balinese Hindus who visit the sacred site at least once yearly.

Russians misbehaving in BaliI Wayan Widi Yasa, the coordinator for climbing and trekkers at Mount Agung, said the errant group ascended the volcano without the required company of official guides via the Pengubengan Trail in Desa Besakih. Due to their failure to enlist a local guide’s mandatory services, the tourists’ names were not recorded in the official climber registration book. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

“Based on reports from traders working on the Pengubengan Trail, a group of foreigners estimated to be more than seven climbed the mountain on Saturday, 18 March 2023, when no guards were on duty to enforce climbing protocols,” explained Widi Yasa.

The climbers are believed to have camped on the top of Mount Agung and descended the Mountain on Sunday, 19 March 2023. Widi Yasa, referring to postings on social media, said he thought the group comprised Russian tourists. confirms that the Criminal Cybercrime Division of the Bali Police is gathering information on the climbers pursuant to any eventual criminal complaint.

Widi Yasa, reflecting the view and mood of many area residents, said he was extremely disappointed by the actions of the group of climbers on the peak of sacred Mount Agung. He underlined his comments, saying the official guides of Mount Agung have steadfastly tried to preserve the sanctity of Mount Agung, particularly by preventing acts by climbers that disregard the sacred status of the Mountain.
“We feel these climbers tricked us. We hope the authorities will soon locate the perpetrators and depart them from Indonesia,” said Widi Yasa.

Meanwhile, quotes the chairman of the Hindu High Council (PHDI), Nyoman Kenak, who characterized the incident as both insulting Bali and disrespectful of the sacred nature of Mount Agung. Adding, “Foreigners, or anyone who cannot value Balinese culture, must experience a strong rebuke. If these people are foreigners, deport them!” [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]


Kuta Beach Bali to Reduce Beach Traders

kuta beach reports that the Traditional Village Authority on Kuta Beach in Bali has concluded that too many traders working on the seashore detract from tourists’ enjoyment of the iconic beach area.

Village authorities plan to substantially reduce the number of traders on the beach. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

New rules to regulate the number of beach traders are now being finalized. I Wayan Wasista, the Traditional Village Chief for Kuta (Bendesa), said he is targeting the new rules to be in place by April-May this year.
Speaking on Sunday, 19 March 2023, Wasista explained that all beach traders had been assigned numbers; only traders able to show their official numbers would be allowed to work on the beach. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

The Village Chief said reducing the number of traders on Kuta Beach is necessary due to overcrowding and the reduction of the beach area due to natural erosion of the shoreline. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Wasista said the total number of traders working on Kuta Beach is around 1,168. “The current number of traders is not conducive. If these numbers increase, we’ll have traders fighting over clients,” said the village chief.

When asked what represents an ideal number of traders on Kuta Beach, Wasista suggests the number should be at most 800. That number, he said, can be adjusted further due to observations in the field. Crowding on the beach, he said, is made more acute by the large number of surfing lesson purveyors working the shoreline. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

The local village administration is promising sanctions against traders who fail to follow the rules or exhibit unethical behavior towards beach visitors. Sanctions can include simple warnings or losing their “seller registration,” that allows traders to work the beach.

“If the image of Kuta Beach is damaged, who will come? Therefore, firm action is needed,” said Wasista. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]


FIFA U-20 World Cup

A formal announcement from FIFA on Wednesday, 29 March, dashed Indonesia’s ambitions to host the U-20 World Cup 2023, scheduled from 20 May until 11 June 2023.
The announcement to cancel Indonesia’s hosting of the World Cup was made following a meeting between FIFA President Gianni Infantino and President of the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) Erick Thohir, in Doha, Qatar.
According to FIFA, the decision to remove Indonesia as host of the 2023 World Cup was taken “due to current circumstances.” FIFA plans to retain the original dates for the World Cup 2023, with a new host location to be announced in the coming days. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

FIFA indicates that possible sanctions against the Indonesian Soccer Federation (PSSI) ” may be decided at a later stage.”

Bali has placed itself at the epicenter of global controversy after Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster issued a letter on 14 March 2023 calling for Indonesia to ban the Israeli U-20 Team from participating in the World Cup in Indonesia and, by extension, rejecting the Israeli players from playing any matches in any World Cup matches in Bali.

In October 2019, Indonesia won an international hard-fought bidding competition to host the games at stadia in Jakarta, South Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo subsequently joined the Bali Governor’s rejection of the U-20 World Cup Matchplay on the pretext of their rejection of participation by the Israeli Team. Pranowo and Koster are PDI-P politicians, a party led by Indonesia’s former President Megawati Soekarnoputri.

Despite Indonesia’s failure to fulfill the terms of its hosting sponsorship of the U-20 World Cup, FIFA says it “remains committed to actively assisting the PSSI, in close cooperation and with the support of the government of President Widodo, in the transformation process of Indonesian football following the tragedy that occurred in October 2022.” [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

FIFA’s President said members of the FIFA team would continue to be present in Indonesia in the coming months and will provide any required assistance to PSSI under PSSI President Thohir.

The sudden cancellation of the U-20 hosting will cost Indonesia both financially and in terms of its national reputation.

Regional governments have invested substantially in creating match venues and other facilities. A global sporting event, the now-canceled World Cup, was anticipated to aid Indonesia’s recovering tourism sector by drawing thousands of athletes, officials, and eager spectators to the 3-week-long support.

Governor Koster defended his letter, which precipitated the cancellation of the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia, insisting his actions were “holistically considered” and “everything had been calculated” before the letter was sent.

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has tried to “walk back” Governor Koster’s statement via a televised address in which he emphasized that the hosting of the World Cup, including the participation of the Israeli Team, does not detract from Indonesia’s condemnation and rejection of Israel’s subjugation of the Palestinian people.

The President stated that the Indonesian Constitution rejects colonialism in any form. At the same time, he rejected the action of Bali’s Governor, insisting that politics and sports must not be mixed.

The President also pointed out that the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zuhair Al-Shun, had given his blessing to Indonesia’s hosting of the U-20 World Cup with the Palestinian Ambassador stating that he did not doubt Indonesia’s support for Palestine remains “firm and strong” and would not be detracted the hosting of the sporting event.
Just hours after The Indonesian President Issued his assurances, FIFA decided to end PSSI’s hosting of the U-20 World Cup. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]


U-20 World Cup Fiasco: Insight & Analysis

FIFA U-20 World, Indonesia’s leading news portal, has published a devastatingly insightful analysis of FIFA’s dramatic cancellation of the U-20 World Cup from Indonesia under an article published with the headline “When Political Gimmicks Get out of Hand Resulting in a Blunder some Cancellation of the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia.”

While the International Football Federation’s (FIFA) Governing Board did not explicitly state the reason why Indonesia’s hosting of the prestigious U-20 World Cup was canceled, the withdrawal of the games coincided with a much-publicized letter from the Governor of Bali calling on the Central Government to ban the Israeli U-20 Team from their rightful qualification to participate in the Indonesian-based World Cup. Governor Kosters move received the immediate backing of Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

While several regional leaders, political parties, and public organizations (ormas) have joined the hardline anti-Israeli stance on Indonesia’s hosting of the U-20, the lion’s share of the media’s spotlight is now focused on the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster, the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo, and the PDI-P Political Party headed by former Indonesian president Megawati Soekarnoputri.

Political posturing? The Executive Director of the Institute for Democracy and Strategic Affairs (Indostrategic), Ahmad Khoirul Umam, speaking on Friday, 31 March 2023, said he suspects there are parties trying to play politics in the planned hosting of the U-20 World Cup.

These efforts, Uman postulates, were pursued for political profit on a personal level by specific individuals. Adding: “Yesterday, President Jokowi said that sports should not be linked with politics; that is a naïve stance. Obviously, some want to play politics.” [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

The article alleges that FIFA’s decision did not reflect the political agenda of certain political provocateurs who were perhaps only seeking to ban Israeli athletes from Indonesia. Instead, their actions have precipitated widespread public anger against those seen as having cost the Nation the hard-fought bid to host the U-20 World Cup.

Umam, The Indostrategic Director, concludes that the “provocateurs were careless, too engrossed in playing political tricks, failing to anticipate FIFA’s reaction and persuade them to embrace their domestic political aspirations.” Continuing,

Umam said that Ganjar Pranowo and Wayan Koster need help to understand the dilemma’s context but prefer to play gimmicks to prevent the Israeli team from participating in the U-20 World Cup.

Umam characterized Central Java Governor Ganjar as trying to portray himself as a PDI-P loyalist embracing the political philosophy of Indonesia’s first president Soekarno.

The Chief Executive for Central Java wants to show he cares about Palestine’s struggle and humanitarian issues. He hoped that the U-20 World Cup Competition would continue in Indonesia, but with Israel excluded from participating. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

FIFA U-20 World CupFIFA’s reaction, however, was quite different from that sought by Indonesian politicians. Suddenly, Indonesia was removed from hosting the U20 World Cup by FIFA. Umam depicted FIFA’s response: “Not only a slap in the face to the Jokowi government, but Ganjar’s public stance also left the Central Java Governor branded by some as a ‘gimmicky leader’ who does not understand the strategic context of the Jokowi government’s policies.”

Despite widespread online public mockery being heaped on Governor Ganjar and Governor Koster, Umam said President Joko Widodo has refrained from criticizing the two Governors. The President has seen their acts as not reflective of their attitude but as something done at the urging of the PDI-P political party. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Umam continued, “If this is the case, it is unlikely that Jokowi will take revenge on Ganjar because the maneuver seems little more than a gimmicky political strategy.” Although Indonesia is a democracy, Umam does not rule out the possibility that Ganjar and Koster’s public posings are part of a larger political agenda operated by the party whose logo is an angry bull with a white snout (PDI-P), led by Megawati.

The political observer and respected academic questioned if the PDI-P miscalculated in using the incident to ward off any possible accusations that the ruling political party was pro-Israel. Moreover, the party led by former Indonesian President Megawati Soekarnoputri also wants to show its commitment to Soekarno’s anti-colonial values.

Depicting the anti-Israeli move as intended to attract positive support from Muslims, nationalist voters, and the PDI-P electorate, Umam added: “This means that Jokowi already understands the strategy, but there were miscalculations regarding FIFA’s stance and reactive decision (to cancel Indonesia from hosting the U20 World Cup).” [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Umam, the political strategist and analyst, thinks Governor Ganjar’s future electability as an aspiring presidential candidate suffered damage from the recent political maneuverings. Umam postulates that Ganjar, the leading contender for presidential office in Central Java, is viewed, particularly by young voters and football fans, as the man to blame for Indonesia losing the precious right to host the U-20 World Cup.

Umam, who also serves as a Paramadina University lecturer, says Ganjar needs to find arguments that will mitigate his culpability in the damage inflicted on Indonesia’s football aspirations.

Ganjar has spoken out about canceling Indonesia as the host of the U20 World Cup by FIFA. The Governor of Central Java admitted he was disappointed. “Yo, I’m disappointed. Our people have prepared (for the World Cup) from the start,” said Ganjar on Thursday, 30 March 2023. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Asked about netizens who are now attacking him on social media because he is considered the reason for the cancellation of the U20 World Cup in Indonesia, Ganjar does not question this assertion. According to him, he made a risky decision. “Always, it’s a risky decision. If you want, attack Ganjar, but don’t attack my wife, don’t attack my child,” he said.

Ganjar accepts the anger of people commenting on social media blaming him for the loss of the U-20 World Cup for Indonesia. Depicting the public outcry and outrage as “a risk of any decision.” Adding: “Please attack Ganjar, but don’t attack my wife; don’t attack my children.” [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Separately, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said he saw the revocation of Indonesia’s hosting role for the U-20 World Cup creates a new moment to build an atmosphere of safety, security, and peace for Indonesian football’s future. Although he did refuse to receive the Israeli Soccer Team in Bali, the Governor admits he had no desire to see Indonesia lose the host role for the World Cup.

In response, Ganjar is now doubling-down, calling on FIFA to expel Israel from FIFA membership ending their participation in the U-20 World Cup. “This is similar to when the Russian team was banned from World Cup play in Qatar in 2022,” explained Koster.

The Secretary-General of the PDI-P Party, General Hasto Kristiyanto, has come to the defense of Ganjar and Koster. Praising the firmness and resolve shown by the two men in opposing Israel’s participation at the U-20 World Cup in Bali, Hasto says “that within the context of choosing a candidate for a leadership in the legislature, ministers, president, and vice presidents – the people want a solid leader,” said Hasto on Thursday, 30 March 2023.

According to Hasto, his party regrets and is saddened by FIFA’s decision to cancel Indonesia from hosting the U20 World Cup. He said the PDI-P never wanted that.

However, Hasto insists that his party’s stance against refusing the Israeli National Soccer Team was based on the constitution and history. He denied that PDI-P’s stance was related to political agendas, let alone electoral interests. [Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

Bali Bans Israel from World Beach Games

world beach games and confirm that Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster has formally refused to accept Israeli athletes scheduled to travel to Bali to participate in the ANOC World Beach Games 05-12 August 2022.

The Governor defends the rejection of the Israeli athletes conforms as being in conformance with the Indonesian Constitution and Regulations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The decision, which places the future of the Olympic Sanctioned ANOC World Beach Games in doubt, comes after Koster’s decision to ban the Israeli team in the U-20 World Cup from playing in Bali caused The International Soccer Federation (FIFA) to remove the World Cup from Indonesia. The U-20 World Cup was originally set to be held in six Indonesian cities from 20 May until 11 June 2023.

Bali’s Governor reminds that Indonesia has no diplomatic relations with the State of Israel. Regulations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explicitly forbid using or displaying the flag, national emblem, national anthem, or other attributes of the State of Israel.

Based on successful participation in qualifying rounds of play, Israel has earned the right to send athletes to Bali to participate in open ocean swimming and 3×3 beach basketball competitions.

With the Governor of Bali refusing to host Israeli athletes, the ANOC World Beach Games organizers must now decide if the Bali Beach Games can proceed with the Israeli national team banned from play.

Looking to purchase a nice property in North Bali?

[Main Article: Foreign Tourists in Bali]

North Bali Popular for Cruise Ship Visits

North Bali Popular for Cruise Ship Visits

North Bali PopularSeven Seas Explorer – a cruise ship operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises, paid a port call to the North Bali Port of Celukan Bawang in Buleleng Regency on Tuesday, 14 February 2023. This ship was the second cruise ship to visit Celukan Bawang in February, following an earlier visit on 03 February by the 170-passenger MS Ocean Odyssey operated by Vantage Cruise Lines.

As reported by, the Seven Seas Explorer weighs 55,524 gross tons with an overall length of 225 meters. The ship carried 647 passengers served by a crew of 530.

Traditional Balinese dancers welcomed the ship’s passengers with floral tributes presented on the port’s dock.

The Head of Tourism Services for the Regency of Buleleng, Gede Dody Sukma Oktiva Askara, said the passengers of the Seven Seas Explorer visited many North Bali tourism objects, including The Banjar Hot Springs, Vihara Arama Banjar, the Chinese temple Klenteng Ling Gwen Kiong, the Pura Beji Desa Sangsit temple, the war monument at Desa Jagaragam, and the Anyar market.

Commenting further on the cruise ship visit, Askara said that 410 passengers from the ship undertook tours offered by a local agent while 100 other passengers went on independent tour excursions. The tourism official said the Port of Celukan Bawang was becoming increasingly popular as a cruise ship port-of-call, with more ship visits scheduled for the remainder of February.

In the early decades of the 1900s, Dutch passenger ships used Celukan Bawang exclusively as their port-of-call, with passengers traveling by car to Denpasar and other parts of the Island’s south.


The Selling & Buying of Heads in Bali

North Bali PopularWith the ongoing return of Mainland Chinese Tourists to Bali and the rest of Indonesia, the insidious problem of selling off booked tourists, termed in Indonesian as the purchase and sale of foreign tourist heads (jual-beli kepala), is once again rearing its ugly head.

The Provincial Secretary of Bali, Dewa Made Indra, told that the re-emergence of jual-beli kepala represents an unjust and unfair condition threatening the Island’s tourism industry because it only profits one party to a double or multi-party transaction.

Jual-beli kepala happens when disreputable and unethical overseas agents serving the PRC market offer travel bookings in Bali at rates that are non-sustainable and often insufficient to cover the actual cost of the parts of the travel package. Those purchasing and manipulating these “booked travel packages” do so due to an urgent need for cash flow.

To recoup resulting cash shortfalls, the local agent often rearranges the tour components into cheaper elements and then compels visitors to only shop and eat at establishments offering enormous commission levels. The good purchased and the food eaten by the hapless Chinese visitors may need to be revised, with the commissions making all the difference for the unethical local operator. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

On Wednesday, 22 February 2023, Dewa Made Indra said: “Competition between travel industry members is a normal part of the business environment. But, in the end, a business must be fair and profitable to all concerned and not seek to inflict damage on either the buyer or seller.”

Indra said the Province desires Indonesia to sell and promote quality tourism that benefits the people’s economy in Bali. The problem of “jual-beli kepala” disappeared during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lack of Chinese tourists. Indra added: “Now the problem has returned. But this development should not be allowed to develop and grow an ‘ecosystem’ that is not conducive to Bali tourism.”

Following a meeting to discuss preparations for the expected onslaught of Chinese tourists to Bali, the Deputy-Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (“Cok Ace“), warned that the overall Chinese market to Bali is wrongly seen as a mass market dominating Bali’s tourism arrivals. “So,” Cok Ace added, “we have to prepare everything, from the regulatory point of view to other supports, so that the visitor targets set by the central and regional governments can be realized.”

The Indonesian Guide Association in Bali (HPI-Bali) has joined the lively discussion on “jual – beli kepala.” The Chairman of HPI-Bali, I Nyoman Nuarta, complained that the practice has existed since long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, HPI is joining efforts to find a solution to prevent this practice in 2023 and beyond. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

bali touristsThe Governor has instructed the Head of Tourism for Bali to convene a gathering of representatives of the Mandarin market and various other stockholders. On 21 February, a discussion group discussed how to find a solution to buying and selling heads in the Chinese market.

The government urges all tourism stakeholder organizations, including HPI and the Indonesian Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel agents (ASITA), to avoid involvement in unethical practices aimed at Chinese market travelers.

Those found to be involved in such practices are threatened with possible closure and cancellation of operating licenses.

Nuarta, the chairman of HPI, said enforcement teams would be positioned to supervise the services provided to Chinese travelers to prevent “jual-beli kepala practices” to safeguard the reputation of the Island of Bali.

HPI reports that their organization has 200 Chinse-language licensed guides to serve the coming surge of Mainland Chinese visitors.

Should the number of Mandarin-speaking guides prove insufficient, HPI has English-speaking guides in reserve to accompany and provide translation services for Chinese-speaking group leaders traveling from the PRC with groups.

While Mainland Chinese tourists are returning to Bali, the total number is limited by the current carrying capacity of charter flights. Once regularly scheduled flights between China and Bali resume, the number of PRC visitors is expected to surge dramatically. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Police End 2-Week Traffic Safety Campaign

bali traffic policeDenpasar Traffic Police have issued 244 automated electronic tickets (ELTE) during the recent “Operasi Keselamatan Agung 2023” law enforcement campaign.

The Public Relations Spokesperson for the Denpasar Police, I Ketut Sukadi, confirmed on Monday, 20 February 2023, that hundreds of motorcyclists and four-wheeled vehicle drivers were ticketed or given verbal warnings during the coordinated operation. The State News Agency Antara reported that 944 drivers were verbally reprimanded, while 357 were ticketed.

The reprimands, tickets, and electronic citations exceeded the targeted totals for “Operasi Keselamatan Agung 2023.” Police targeted 70 electronic moving violations, exceeding that total by 249%, with 244 ELTE citations issued. Meanwhile, the target for verbal reprimands (560) was exceeded by 68%, with 944 roadside scoldings administered. A written traffic ticket target of 225 was surpassed by 59%, with 357 tickets issued. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Commenting on the traffic safety campaign results, Sukadi said: “Our operational targets have been exceeded. Our overall goal was to create a traffic situation that is safe, orderly, and flowing smoothly in areas of Denpasar that are prone to traffic jams, accidents, and moving violations. At the same time, we want to educate drivers on roadway regulations.”

Sukadi reminded the public that although “Operasi Keselamatan Agung 2023” ended on Monday, 20 February 2023, the last day of the safety campaign, the public would be mistaken to think officials are no longer on guard to enforce traffic rules.

The police officer urged the public to remain vigilant and disciplined in following traffic laws. “Operasi Keselamatan Agung 2023” ran 14 days from 07 February to 20 February 2023. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)


Bali Officials Promise To Make Kuta Beach A More Relaxed Experience For Tourists

bali kuta beachCommunity leaders at Bali’s world-famous Kuta Beach have confirmed that they will continue to go above and beyond to ensure tourists have a relaxed experience at the seaside. Kuta Traditional Village has announced that they will work to eliminate aggressive and pushy hawkers on the beach. They have told reporters how this kind of ‘assertiveness’ is not acceptable.

Kuta Beach is one of Bali’s most famous and still one of the most popular holiday destinations on the island. With a vast expanse of white sand, plenty of restaurants, and all the major hotel brands in one place, it is easy to see why Kuta is the mainstay of Bali’s tourism offering. (Main Article: North Bali Popular) 

The Head of Kuta Traditional Village, I Wayan Wasista, has told reporters. “Indeed, actions like this are an obstacle. So, we have also thought about it by making a kind of special rule.” He said that the new rules would be put in place to stop tourists from feeling uncomfortable when they are approached by hawkers if they just want to chill out on the beach. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

He has suggested that there will be a special agreement that traders must sign to confirm that they will not try pushy sales tactics on tourists hanging out on the beach. It has previously been suggested that Kuta Traditional Village will create permanent stalls for the hawkers to create small stops and stalls so that tourists can browse the beach market at their leisure.

This would be a win-win situation for all. Tourists would be able to enjoy Kuta Beach fuss-free, and hawkers can kiss the hustle goodbye and engage in a more positive style of business. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)


Tourists Urged To Keep Close Eye On Luggage

bali airport luggage theft Tourists arriving in Bali are being warned to keep an extra close eye on their baggage after two Algerian men were arrested for theft at the airport. Police and security forces in Bali operate around-the-clock surveillance at Bali Airport, and it is considered safe. Airport arrival areas all around the world sadly naturally attract opportunistic thieves.

The two men, known by their initials RAAR, 53, and AHB, 29, were arrested by police at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport at 1 am on Saturday 4th, March. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

The duo was operating in the area late on Friday 3rd, March. They wandered around the arrivals area, appearing to look at information signage, ticket offices, and tourist counters.

It is now known that the pair stole bags belonging to three different individuals. The first bag they stole belonged to 34-year-old Dinda Karin, who is from East Java. Karin arrived in Bali on a flight from Dubai over the weekend. He is reported to have left his luggage at the Grab pick-up point while he used the bathroom, only to return moments later to find his luggage gone. Svitoslav S. Fomenki, 20, from Russia, and Leila Simone, 19, from the USA, also reported their luggage stolen on Saturday night.

Witnesses told reporters, “He [Karin] had searched into the international arrival terminal but was not found. Then it was reported to the Airport Police at that time, around 23:30…The victims do not know each other. After receiving the report, members immediately coordinated with the security of Ngurah Rai Airport.”

Security officials then checked CCTV and quickly identified the two men at work. Police were immediately deployed and arrested the men who were still in the vicinity of the airport. The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of Air Area Police I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Iptu Rionson Ritonga, has since confirmed that the pair have admitted to the theft and told police that they did so as they could not afford ‘the necessities of life.”

The news of opportunistic thieves at Bali Airpot comes just a month after a porter was arrested for stealing IDR 5 million (USD 332) in cash from a tourist’s bag. Police announced the arrest of the man known by his initials KA on the 5th of February. He is known to have been caught snatching cash on the 26th of January.

North Bali PopularKA was caught in the act by a fellow, honorable porter. When the other airport porter spotted KA pocketing the cash, he immediately reported the crime to his superiors. The police were called, and KA was tracked down, having his lunch in the corner of the airport. The IDR 5 million in cash was found on his person, and he was swiftly arrested and charged with theft. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

While the incidence of theft at Bali Airport is rare and quickly acted upon by authorities, it’s still not unheard of. Tourists are urged to never let their bags out of their sight, especially in busy areas of the airport that are open to the public, such as drop-off and pick-up points. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Always double check all your belongings are where they are meant to be before moving from one airport space to another, and double check all bags are completely zipped up.

This year Bali Airport has made a commitment to invest in improving customer experience. InJourney is a state-owned enterprise in Indonesia that is responsible for all aviation and tourism-related renovations.

The director of the company announced last year that Bali Airport would be the first of the country’s airports to undergo a series of improvements to help put customer experience front and center. The Director, Dony Oskaria, wants Bali Airport to feel like a destination in its own right, prioritizing comfort as well as functionality. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Police In Bali Quick To Respond To Bizarre New Custom License Plate Trend

russian-traffic-violationPolice in Bali are working hard to stop a new trend in its tracks. There has been an alarming rise in the number of foreigners who have been adding custom license plates to their mopeds and motorbikes in Bali. The custom plates are not formally registered with the transportation agency. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

After police intervention, the new trend further caught the attention of the public thanks to observational accounts like @moscow_cabang_bali. Police across Bali’s tourism hotspots are now on the lookout for more offenders.

The first foreigners to be pulled over by traffic police were visiting Nusa Lembongan. Offices from the Klungkung Police Traffic Unit in Nusa Lembongan arrested four foreigners on a number of serious violations. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Of the four individuals, three had custom plates showing a phone number and text, and the fourth had a name branded on the plate. All four were arrested based on the fact that none of them had helmets, a SIM C motorcycle license, nor did they carry their foreign identification documents on them. Police have confirmed that the four individuals arrested in Nusa Lembongan are from Russia. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Speaking shortly after the incident, the Head of Public Relations of the Bali Regional Police, Kombes Pol Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto, said, “These violators committed gross violations. They do not wear safety helmets, have no driver’s licenses, no personal identity passports [documents], without being equipped with vehicle papers, and use fake license plates. The violators were arrested at the Klungkung Police for questioning.”

North Bali PopularAs soon as videos started appearing online, both residents and visitors to the island snapped photos and videos of drivers with illegal custom license plates and sent the evidence to the police and citizen journalism social media accounts.

There are dozens, with more going viral by the hour. Police in Bali have announced that they are increasing the surveillance of the issue around all the major traffic spots in all of Bali’s major tourism hotspots. This included Canggu, Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, and Ubud. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Kombes Pol Setianto also confirmed that during the inspection of license plates in Nusa Lembongan, an Australian and a French national were also pulled over due to issues with the number plates.

However, it was soon discovered that the issue with the license plate falls under the responsibility of the motorcycle owner, who did not have the correct license registration for the vehicles. Setianto said, “The results of the temporary inspection, the motorcycles used by the violators are motorcycles from rental services. One of the violators here is a rental service provider.” (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Officials In Bali Propose Public Awareness Billboards Targeted At Foreigners

bali policeOfficials in Bali have announced that they have plans to create billboards in foreign languages to help build awareness amongst visitors to the island on how to behave. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

The announcement comes just days after the provincial government confirmed that they had launched a dedicated task force to crack down on foreigners working illegally on the island.

The concept is in its socialization phase, in that officials are tabling the idea and gauging public support. The Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board (BTB), Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana, told reporters that the government had assigned the task to his team. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

He said, “we are assigned by the government, in this case, the Bali Tourism Office, to prepare socialization in the form of writing and visuals. However, we have to start with some kind of appeal at several points.”

Adnyana said that billboards and public awareness campaign materials would be installed at strategic locations in Denpasar Regency, Denpasar Regency, and Gianyar Regency. This would cover all of the island’s most popular resort destinations, including Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Uluwatu. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

He continued ‘the point is for tourists to respect the cultural customs of the Balinese by dressing well and eating and being orderly in carrying out traffic activities. By not doing things that are outside the provisions such as doing business and working in Bali.”

He confirmed that at least ten large billboards will be installed and will have the content written in foreign languages. He confirmed that English will be the first, but that in the future, the boards may be replicated in other foreign languages.

Adnyana said, “indeed, we are ‘welcoming’ and accept everything. Guests are king but don’t abuse.” He also confirmed that the Tourism Board would collaborate with social media influencers, tourism stakeholders, e-commerce businesses, and international content creators to future publicize the campaign. He added, “later the one who advises from his own people so that we are not blacklisted and troubled in other peoples countries. It is much better if those who advise from their own people.”

He concluded by saying that the billboards would be built and presented in alignment with regulations in Bali. Adyana ended his statement by saying, “for the billboard-making fund [it will be paid for with a] fund that has been prepared. We will coordinate the imposition of the billboard installation tax only so that it is not charged. The size is large, for example, 4×5 meters according to the important thing that needs to be read, easy, and there are aesthetic [considerations]”. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

government, will crack down on illegal workers on the island. The announcement was made by the Deputy Governor of Bali, Cok Ace, and the Head of the Provincial Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, on Monday, 28th February.

In the days that followed, a circular letter from the Presidential Palace in Jakarta was released publically. The letter invited addresses to attend a meeting “related to the situation of the security and public order in the Province of Bali, especially in the context of the activities of Foreign Citizens (WNA).” (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

Addressees include the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, as well as the Head of Bali Police, Inspector General Pol Putu Jayan Danu Putura, and the Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim. Representatives for the Department of Tourism and Creative Economies were also included in the letter, as well as civil representatives.

These included social justice activities and Balinese entrepreneur Ni Luh Djelantik and lecturer of social and political sciences at Udayana University, Wayhu Bdui Nugroho. (Main Article: North Bali Popular)

This week a Russian national was deported after being found guilty of working illegally in Bali. The man, known by his initials SZ was deported for working as a photographer despite being on a temporary residence visa designed to facilitate pre-investment and investment activities, not income-generating work.

Main Article: North Bali Popular For Cruise Ships

No to North Bali Airport – Says Megawati

No to North Bali Airport – Says Megawati

north bali airportAs reported by, the Minister of Transportation has joined the heated dialogue surrounding the cancellation of plans to build a second international airport in North Bali.

Recent news reports quote the former 5th President of Indonesia and PDI Party Chief Megawati Soekarnoputri, who has strongly endorsed plans to abandon the airport project on the Island’sIsland’s north shore.

Adita Irawati, a spokesperson for the Minister of Transportation, confirmed on Wednesday, 18 January 2023, the proposed airport in North Bali is missing from the current Strategic National Projects (PSN) list. The decision to eliminate a 2nd International Airport in Bali as a Government priority was taken after considering new toll roads and new port facilities and the fact that Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport can still be upgraded to support tourism to accommodate 35 million travelers – three times the current passenger levels,

The Transportation Official suggests that Bali should work to integrate the various elements of its infrastructure rather than spend resources on building a new airport. Adding: “We will focus first on developing the existing Ngurah Rai Airport. Angkasa Pura has confirmed that they can upgrade and increase current capacity.”

Earlier, quoted Ex-President Megawati Soekarnoputri, who openly admitted she rejects plans to construct an airport in the North Bali Kubutambahan District at Buleleng Regency. Megawati expressed concerns that the North Bali Airport could marginalize the local population surrounding the proposed airport site and only serve to profit tourism investors. Continuing to comment, Megawati said: “When the plan was announced to build an airport in Buleleng, my extended family living there said they wanted to build the airport, I was angry. I called Governor Koster. I said it was so easy to say the project was only to benefit tourism. No way.”

North Bali Airport

north bali airportMegawati spoke during an inspection visit to the Special Economic Zone now being developed in Sanur, Bali, on Monday, 16 January 2023. Megawati, possibly seeking to claim the lion’s share of credit for rejecting the North Bali Airport project, said: “President Jokowi heard (me).”

She reported telling the National Cabinet Secretary, Pramono Anung: “In the name of the people of Bali, please help. Don’t just think of yourself! Do you know the Island of Bali is small? The population is small; investors are the only people who want to come (to Bali).”

In the same vein, Megawati claims President Jokowi and several of his ministers tried to persuade her to agree to the airport construction plan. Insisting she is steadfast in her refusal, she added: “I asked Mr. Koster (Governor), Mr. Deputy, Mr. Minister, Jokowi, well, at that time Wishnutama (Former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy) – who all came to my house. I was shocked. All this to persuade me?”

The Former President, insisting she represents the people of Bali, says her rejection of the new airport was not without reason. Megawati repeated that, beyond the fact that Bali is a small island, the Island already has the Ngurah Rai International Airport, which can serve as the Island’sIsland’s domestic and international airport. Alternatively, Mega recommended adding an additional runway to the present airport. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

The former President said Juanda Airport in Surabaya and the Banyuwangi Airport in nearby East Java could also be utilized for Bali visitors. Continuing, she said: “Why not just make it into a triangle? I was once President; please help too! It’s Ngurah Rai Bali, Banyuwangi, then Surabaya – three triangles are made.”

A Humble Defense of Backpackers

Bali BackpackersQuoted by many mainstream national media, including, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, who also serves as the National COVID-19 Czar, said that in the future, Indonesian tourism wants to focus on quality foreign tourists and ban international “backpackers.” (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Follow-up reporting to Minister Luhut’s comments states that Indonesian Immigration officials would soon screen foreign nationals applying for tourist visas, screening out those determined to be “low quality” backpackers. Luhut continued: “We will filter arriving tourists. We don’t want backpackers coming to a clean Bali. We want (only) quality visitors.”

With due respect to Minister Luhut, who is doing a masterful job in combatting COVID-19, there’s abundant authoritative evidence that his reasoning may be flawed when it comes to the youth and backpacker tourism sectors.

The United Nation’s World Trade Organization (WTO) has done extensive research on the potential economic and strategic value of backpackers and their fellow travelers classed as “the youth market” – those comprised of “generation y” (millennials, born between 1980 and 2000) and “generation z” (born after 2000).

Moreover, a solid case can be made that the “youth market,” given its size and market potential, is the market segment best suited to help Indonesia develop its national tourism goals, especially the desire to encourage tourism development in remote, underdeveloped areas, such as the much-touted “10 New Bali’s.” (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

In examining the youth market and its significant backpacker component, we hope Minister Luhut and the Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, will consider some of the following:

  • The United Nations has recognized the youth market as a major force for development and positive social change, having the potential to drive sustainable development in the tourism sector.
  • The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) projects that by the year 2020, youth numbering 370 million travelers will spend US$400 billion on travel.
  • The youth market is considered the fastest growing market segment in travel, with youth travel representing 23% of the one billion international holiday pre-COVID trips taken annually. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)
  • The youth and backpacker market is often incorrectly perceived as low-spending. Research carried out by the World Youth, Student and Education Confederation (WYSE) shows a market segment spending more than US$1,000 a week, staying for extended periods, and spending 60% or more of their total travel budget at their chosen destination with local suppliers from the surrounding community.
  • WYSE estimates that the youth market spends an average of US$2,160 on their main trip each year.
  • In Australia, which is traditionally a key source market for Indonesian tourism, the youth market has been tracked, showing that 58% of this travel segment return to a destination within five years. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)
  • The “youth market” has a particular affinity for gadget-based technology for booking accommodation, for finding restaurants and attractions, mapping their travels, and keeping in touch with family, friends, and fellow travelers. Governments will need to maximize Internet connectivity to attract this youthful sub-sector of nomadic travelers and encourage extended length-of-stays.
  • Because of the youth market’s affinity for the Internet and social network marketing, they provide an incomparable and valuable instantaneous marketing boost to any destinations they visit when they share their travel experience and destination information via applications that include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Twitter, Google, YouTube, QC, WeChat, QZone, Tumblr, Baidu Tieba (PRC), Snapchat, Viber, Sina Weibo (PRC), Pinterest, Xanga, Wayn, Renren, Foursquare, VKontakte, Line, QQ, and Tiktok.
  • Research shows that the “youth travel market” is frequently “purpose driven” seeking to learn a new skill, study a language, undertake some educational experience, or volunteer to work on community development projects in their chosen destination during their travels. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)
  • Countries that allow the youth market legal short-term employment opportunities have been shown to enjoy even more success in attracting these travelers.
  • WYSE research demonstrates that the “youth market” is both resilient and adventurous, making it particularly appropriate to “new” travel destinations, such as remote regions of Indonesia, where service and infrastructure development levels may be lacking.
  • Worthy of special note in this pandemic era, the youth market is among the first to return to conflict areas, regions that have suffered natural disasters, and post-plaque locales. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)
  • The foreign and domestic “youth market” traveling off-the-beaten-track tends to be less demanding and more accepting when accommodation and transportation facilities are less than luxurious, and the local infrastructure is sometimes lacking.
  • The “youth market” also plays a vital role as the pioneering vanguards of travel, preparing the way for other higher-spending visitors to come. Studies show that backpackers revisit the travel memories of their youth years later with families and relatives in tow.
  • Past “youth market” documented visitor numbers and the prosperity they created for local small and medium-sized businesses form key parts of feasibility studies submitted to financial institutions to build modern hotels and restaurants to replace the homestays and warungs of the past. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)
  • Millennials and backpackers are especially attracted to “off-the-beaten-track” and new international destinations. Seeking “genuine travel experiences,” backpackers in their 20s and 30s traveling in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia are often from the upper economic classes, with a large number working as professionals in their home countries.
  • In the Indonesian experience, “backpackers” of an earlier generation were the trailblazers who pioneered destinations such as Bali, Yogyakarta, North Sumatra, Lombok, and Komodo in the 1970s and 1980s.

north bali airportWith due respect to Minister Luhut, who is doing a masterful job in combatting COVID-19, there’s abundant authoritative evidence that his reasoning may be flawed when it comes to the youth and backpacker tourism sectors. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Pak Luhut and Pak Sandiaga – the leaders plotting the course of future tourism in Indonesia will hopefully not fail to notice that the Indonesian members of “Generation X” and “Generation Y” have markedly different travel tastes from their parents. Young Indonesians are now among the world’s most gadget-savvy, eager to learn, share, and influence social media. Very much unlike their parents, many young Indonesian are also “backpackers” who grab their wallets, ATM cards, shorts, and a backpack to explore the endless wonders and cultural diversity of Tanah Airku Indonesia. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

We hope that with his stated disdain for backpackers, Minister Luhut will not someday discover he has thrown out the baby with the bathwater.

Bali Businesses Need a Helping Hand

Bali BusinessesBali has suffered unprecedented financial setbacks resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. An economic analyst, IGK Sandjaja Putra, interviewed in on Tuesday, 15 March 2022, said that Bali entrepreneurs burdened with debt repayment desperately need a “bailout.”

Putra explained that the “bailouts” would be cash injections needed for bankrupt or near-bankrupt companies or banks in financial difficulties to cover their short-term debt. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Bali has suffered unprecedented financial setbacks resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. An economic analyst, IGK Sandjaja Putra, interviewed in on Tuesday, 15 March 2022, said that Bali entrepreneurs burdened with debt repayment desperately need a “bailout.”

Putra explained that the “bailouts” would be cash injections needed for bankrupt or near-bankrupt companies or banks in financial difficulties to cover their short-term debt.

Bali has suffered unprecedented financial setbacks resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. An economic analyst, IGK Sandjaja Putra, interviewed in on Tuesday, 15 March 2022, said that Bali entrepreneurs burdened with debt repayment desperately need a “bailout.” (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Putra explained that the “bailouts” would be cash injections needed for bankrupt or near-bankrupt companies or banks in financial difficulties to cover their short-term debt.

World Beach Games Bali 2023 05-12 Aug 2023

World Beach Games Bali 2023The State News Agency Antara reports that the International Surfing Association (ISA)  is praising Indonesia’s preparations as the host country of the Association Olympic Committees (ANOC) World Beach Games (AWBG) 2023, scheduled to be held 05-12 August. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

“The ISA is pleased following their recent visit to Bali. With the support of ANOC and the Indonesian National Federation, we are certain that over the coming months, all the necessary preparations will be in place for an international standard surfing competition,” said the Surfing Technical Delegate Erick Krammer in a press release from the ANOC on Saturday, 21 January 2023.

Krammer said he is impatient to witness international surfers compete in Bali – a destination with a unique culture and world-class waves. Adding: “The people (of Bali) are very kind with a unique local culture and home to world-class waves and amazing beaches.” The ANOC official said Bali has played a central role in world surfing for over a half-century and is therefore eager to showcase Bali as an extraordinary destination to the nations and athletes competing in Bali. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Organizers of the Bali Beach Games also report that Cruz Beckham, the 17-year-old son of international soccer star David Beckham, is expected to attend the surfing championship in Bali.

Raja Sapta Oktohari, the chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee, recently said: “The World Beach Games in Bali will become a multi-sport event that is awaited by all. What’s more, Cruz Beckham is likely to come to Bali.”

The AWBG will attract 1,500 athletes and 1,400 officials from more than 100 countries. The games will feature 14 sporting events, including aquathlon, beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis, water polo, beach wrestling, beach karates, windsurfing, 5km open water swimming competitions, 3 x 3 beach basketball, beach sprint, rowing, surfing, and water-badminton. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Bali Ogoh-Ogoh Parades Tues, 21 March 2023

Bali Ogoh-OgohBali Governor Wayan Koster has revealed that he will host Ogoh-Ogoh competitions in conjunction with Hari Raya Nyepi Tahun Baru Caka 1945 set for the eve of Nyepi on Tuesday, 21 March 2023.

Unlike pre-Nyepi celebrations during the COVID epidemic, the 2023 Nyepi parades and celebrations will not be subject to government-imposed limitations on public movement and controlled crowd size. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Bali Governor Wayan Koster has revealed that he will host Ogoh-Ogoh competitions in conjunction with Hari Raya Nyepi Tahun Baru Caka 1945 set for the eve of Nyepi on Tuesday, 21 March 2023.

Unlike pre-Nyepi celebrations during the COVID epidemic, the 2023 Nyepi parades and celebrations will not be subject to government-imposed limitations on public movement and controlled crowd size. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

The Provincial Government of Bali has set standards and rules for the government-sponsored Ogoh-Ogoh competition, with winning groups granted cash prizes. Judges will evaluate the entries at local village destinations, including Banjar Hall, Village Halls, or alike, before the Ogoh-Ogoh floats embark on parades.

  • Ogoh-Ogoh effigies must be made from natural materials, with the use of plastics and Styrofoam forbidden.
  • The Ogoh-Ogoh effigies must have a maximum height of 3 meters.
  • The Ogoh-Ogoh effigies should reflect Hindu-Bali culture and not contain political, racial, tribal elements or pornography.
  • The floats should reflect Bali-Hindu deities or demonic giants.

The panel of judges for the 2023 Ogog-Ogoh parades will evaluate the entries on their theme, materials used, construction techniques, anatomy, anatomical proportion, expressiveness, creativity, aesthetic qualities, and religiosity. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Governor Koster will award prizes to the nine best Ogoh-Ogoh floats presented by the City of Denpasar and various regencies. Winners will receive Rp. 50 million each and trophies. Second prize winners (9 in all) will receive Rp. 35 million and trophies. The nine third-place winners will each receive a trophy and prize money of Rp. 5 million.

All prize payments are subject to sales tax. Registration by eligible villages, banjars, and other organizations opens on 05 February until 22 February 2023. Judging will be done locally between 01 and 10 March 2023. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

The top three entries judges on the sub-district level will go forward to a municipal and regency level set to take place between 13 and 20 March 2023. The top winners will be publicly announced on 23 March 2023.


Bali International Hospital: Opens Q4 2023

Bali International HospitalIn groundbreaking cooperation with the US-based Mayo Clinic, Bali International Hospital will open on Sanur Beach at the end of 2023. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Bali International Hospital will become a landmark project within Sanur’s newly established Healthcare Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The government-owned hospital operator PT Pertamina Bina Medika – Indonesia Healthcare Corporation (IHC) hopes construction work will be completed at the end of 2023. The hospital is expected to be fully operational in early 2024.

The Bali International Hospital building will cover 60,000 square meters of covered space spread over four floors; the hospital will play host to 250 beds – including 35 intensive care units, eight operating rooms, and four catheterization laboratories equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities.

For the development of this international hospital, IHC works in cooperation with Mayo Clinic, the US-based global medical group, by advising on the future hospital’s progress, planning, and design. Mayo Clinic will provide administrative and operational management consulting services in the second phase. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

First-class foreign medical specialists are being recruited under provisions of special visas allowing the progressive transfer of knowledge and technology.

Empowered by this partnership with Mayo Clinic, BIH aims to open five world-class centers of excellence, notably in critical illnesses management of Cardiology, Oncology, and Neurology treatment. In addition, Gastro-Hepato (Gastroenterology) and Orthopedics will be medical specialties fully integrated into this Class A+ Hospital. This new public institution will be equipped with a range of state-of-the-art devices operated at a technological level, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, never seen before in Indonesia.” said drg. Mira Dyah Wahyuni, President Director of PT Pertamina Bina Medika IHC. 

The Bali International Hospital building will cover 60,000 square meters of covered space spread over four floors; the hospital will play host to 250 beds – including 35 intensive care units, eight operating rooms, and four catheterization laboratories equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

For the development of this international hospital, IHC works in cooperation with Mayo Clinic, the US-based global medical group, by advising on the future hospital’s progress, planning, and design. Mayo Clinic will provide administrative and operational management consulting services in the second phase.

First-class foreign medical specialists are being recruited under provisions of special visas allowing the progressive transfer of knowledge and technology. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Empowered by this partnership with Mayo Clinic, BIH aims to open five world-class centers of excellence, notably in critical illnesses management of Cardiology, Oncology, and Neurology treatment. In addition, Gastro-Hepato (Gastroenterology) and Orthopedics will be medical specialties fully integrated into this Class A+ Hospital. This new public institution will be equipped with a range of state-of-the-art devices operated at a technological level, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, never seen before in Indonesia.” said drg. Mira Dyah Wahyuni, President Director of PT Pertamina Bina Medika IHC. 

Poverty Still Widespread in Bali

The Bali Bureau of Statistics has identified three pockets of poverty in Bali based on 2022 data.

  • 41,000 people live below the poverty level in the Regency of Buleleng, North Bali.
  • 30,000 people live below the poverty level in Bali’s capital city of Denpasar.
  • 29,000 people live below the poverty line in the Regency of Karangasem.

All three of these areas have pledged to eliminate extreme poverty by 2024. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

In the capital of Denpasar, the poor constitute 2,487 family units spread across the four sub-districts (kecamatan) of:

  • North Denpasar 665 families.
  • East Denpasar 583 families.
  • South Denpasar 598 families.
  • West Denpasar 641 families.

In the East Bali Regency of Karangasem, data provided by I Nyoman Sutirtayasa, the Head of the Planning, Research, and Development Agency (Bapelitbangda), said the population of the Regency is counted at 522,217 people with the poor put at more than 29,000 (5.6%). This is an increase in the number living below the poverty line

  • 27,020 poor in 2017
  • 26,020 poor in 2018
  • 25,990 poor in 2019
  • 24,690 poor in 2020
  • 28,520 poor in 2021
  • 29,450 poor in 2022

The COVID-19 epidemic is blamed for the growing poverty numbers in Karangasem.

poverty on bali island


The Regent of Karangasem, I Gede Dana, said his administration had implemented three programs to reduce or eradicate extreme poverty under the programs with names includes: “Family of Hope” (keluarga harapan), “Basic Necessities” (program sembako), “Smart Indonesia” (Indonesia Pintar), and direct cash grants to villages (BLT Desa). Other forms of assistance cover rice grants, disability assistance, old-age assistance, free electrical connections, free LPG, and health insurance.

Dana also commented that assistance is being given via employment programs, pre-employment programs, vocational training, employment capacity building, and loan programs. Other anti-poverty programs operated by the Karangasem administration were improvements in services and health infrastructure matters such as access to public water, improved public transportation, and new roadways. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)


Meanwhile, the Island’s capital of Denpasar, to overcome extreme poverty and improve social services, is strengthening to enhance the roles of community heads (lurah) and providing training on the management and interpretation of data collected from the community and the actual implementation of anti-poverty programs.

The Mayor of Denpasar, IGN Jaya Negara, recently said he is working to enhance community cooperation (gotong royong) in overcoming societal problems. City administrators are working to coordinate anti-poverty efforts performed by local private and public organizations. The Index for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for Denpasar has now reached 98.93%, which is in keeping with targets set by the Central Government.

The Problem of Poverty in Bali

Across every area where extreme poverty is recorded in Bali, the common problems at the roots are inadequate housing, poor or no access to utilities (i.e., electricity and water), and a lack of proper health care. (Main Article: North Bali Airport).

Indonesia Immigration launches online Visa extension Service

Indonesia online Visa extension ServiceIndonesia’s Minister of Law and Human Rights and the Directorate General of Immigration has publicly announced a new way for tourists to extend their visas. It is now possible for tourists in Indonesia who entered the country on a visa on arrival or an electronic visa on arrival to apply to extend their stay online. The news comes as a part of the newly appointed Director General Silmy Karim’s plans to digitize as much of Indonesia’s Immigration operations as possible. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Director Karim issued a statement to reporters in Jakarta on Thursday, 27th January. He also outlined how the upgrades to the Department of Immigration website also make it easy for investors to apply for the newly created second home visa. Director Karim said, “coinciding with Immigration’s anniversary, now foreigners can apply for tourist visit visas and pre-investment (second home visas) on the website. The launch of this new service using online payment methods”.

The e-visa on arrival service was launched in November 2022 and is available for citizens from 87 countries. The new service allows tourists who are planning to visit Indonesia for 30 days for tourism, leisure, or specific business-related activities. It remains the case that the visa on arrival can be extended one time for an additional 30 days. Perhaps the most exciting update for tourists to Indonesia is that this extension of the tourist visa on arrival can now be applied for online and from any device. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

In order to apply for the e-visa on arrival, or an extension, visitors much first register on the immigration website. They must fill in basic details and upload a copy of their passport and a passport photo. Once completed, a verification email will be sent to them. Once the account is activated, travelers can apply for their e-VOA or VOA extension. When the e-VOA is approved, provided all the details are entered correctly, the visa documents will be delivered by email. For the extension, the website guides users through the application process. The same account details and website can be used to apply for a second home visa.

This will save tourists wishing to stay longer than 30 days in Bali on a VOA lots of time. As has been the case until now, tourists must visit their nearest Immigration Office three separate times to extend their VOA if they are not enlisting the services of a visa agent. On the first visit, they submit the application. On the second visit is a short interview and checking of biometric records, and on the third visit, tourists can collect their visa extension. Now the extension application can be completed online. (Main Article: North Bali Airport).

Bloggers And Influencers To Promote Village Tourism

Bali Village TourismThe Badung Tourism Office in Bali has announced that they will establish an intensive promotional campaign to encourage visitors to the island to explore local tourism villages. The Head of the Badung Tourism Office, I Nyoman Rudiartha, has shared plans to encourage more people to support community and cultural tourism programs in the regency. Badung Regency is one of the most popular areas of Bali, covering key tourism destinations, including Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Nusa Dua, and Uluwatu. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Rudiarta was candid about the number of visits to tourism villages in Badung Regency being lower than he would like. He said that last year 374,000 people visited tourism villages noting, “The number of visits to tourist villages is still minimal”. There are seventeen registered tourism villages in Badung Regency, with more to be developed out of their pilot phase in 2023. These include Munggu Tourism Village, Baha, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Mengwi, Bongkasa, Sobangan, and Cemagi.

Rudiarta told reporters, “Of the 17 tourist villages that exist, the most visited is Munggu Village as many as 103,136 visits.” When asked what needed to be done to attract more tourists and raise awareness of tourism villages in Badung and Bali more broadly, Rudiarta said the answer lies with influencer marketing. He said, “That’s why in the promotion later, we will invite bloggers and YouTubers to explore the tourist village that we have.” Though he was quick to add that community members in tourism villages must also play their part in promoting the programs to visitors.

Rudiarta hopes that the village governments across Badung will also support the growth of tourism villages. The Chairman of the Badung DPRD (traditional governance office), I Putu Parwata, has shown his support for developing tourism villages and using digital media. He commented, “We [already] make short videos because people need simple ones. So we show something interesting, which will later become an attraction for tourists.” He confirmed that his teams have requested that the Badung Tourism Office move forward with promotional campaigns. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

In October 2022, Rudiarta revealed that the Badung Tourism Office had budgeted huge sums to ‘aggressively promote’ tourism across the regency. He revealed an IDR 5 billion (USD 323,000) budget for the marketing campaigns to be spent on the promotion of Badung Regency both domestically and abroad.

All across Bali, 2023 is shaping up to be the year of the tourism village. Earlier this week, the Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali, I Putu Winastra, has told reporters how he and his teams want to see operators offering more nature-based tourism activities in Bali, which include tourism village experiences.

Winastra said that interest in tourism villages is increasing, especially from European and Australian travelers. “In the past, Australian tourists, who previously preferred the Kuta and Seminyak areas, are now starting to be seen visiting tourist villages,” he said.

north bali airportTourism villages throughout Bali are being offered support and resources to level up in 2023. According to the Chairman of the Bali Tourism Village Communication Forum, I Made Mendra Astawa, there are 238 tourist villages in Bali, with 70% of them still operating in a pilot phase. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Astawa confirmed to reporters earlier this month that his teams will be helping tourists village on a regency-by-regency basis throughout 2023, starting in Denpasar. He explained that Penatih Village, Kesiman Kertalangu, Sanur Kaja, Sanur, Sanur Kauh, and Serangan have all been identified as having huge potential as tourism villages.

Astawa said that communities could look to existing successful village programs for inspiration. “If we look at it evenly, it is clear that the tourist villages in the Ubud area, Gianyar, is the most visited, then Bangli Regency, where there are many waterfalls, then Singaraja City. That’s all foreign tourists who come, and now domestic tourists are starting to come in”.

Social media has played a huge role in making Bali one of the most popular destinations in the world. The question now is whether travelers will make the shift to supporting village-based tourism on the scale local leaders are aspiring to. (Main Article: North Bali Airport).

Bali Tourism Leaders Meet With Government To Discuss Swimming Ban On Popular Beaches

bali beachesTourism leaders in Nusa Penida have met with the Regent of Klungkung to discuss the recent ban on swimming at some of the island’s most famous beaches. During the meeting on Monday, tourism leaders raised concerns that the swimming ban would cause damage to the tourism sector on the island. The ban was put in place by authorities on the island after a recent rise in accidents leading to callouts to local search and rescue teams. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Representatives from the Nusa Penida Tourism Activists Association (HPPNP) met with the Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Suwirta, on Monday, 30th January. They tabled their concerns regarding the ban on tourists swimming on Kelingking Beach, Diamond Beach, and Angel Billabong Beach. The Chairman of the Nusa Penida Tourism Activists Association, I Putu Gede Suka Widana, said that tourists should be allowed to swim on the island’s most famous beaches.

He noted that, in their opinion, Angel Billabong Beach is especially safe during low tide but that at high tide, conditions get dangerous. He agreed that the waves at Kelingking Beach are ‘friendly’ in the morning but get dangerous and choppy during the afternoon. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Widana suggested that officers should use loudspeakers to inform tourists when it is and isn’t safe to swim at the beaches. He said, “That is also a promotional medium. They (tourists) will promote it directly”. He highlighted the group’s concerns that banning swimming could be risky for tourism businesses. He shared that before Covid-19, Nusa Penida was so busy that travelers would struggle to find last-minute accommodation, but that now hotel occupancy is still picking up.

Regent Suwirta listened to their concerns but was steadfast that the ban on swimming would not be lifted until conditions at sea were safer. He said, “When the sea is conducive and good, we will reconsider.” A tidal and weather warning remains in place by the Indonesian weather agency. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

Regent Suwirta’s decision to keep the swimming ban in place at Kelingking Beach, Diamond Beach, and Angel Billabong Beach is supported by Klungkung Police Chief AKBP I Nengah Sadiarta. He has emphasized that the tourist attractions remain open, but that swimming is prohibited to keep everyone safe. He added, “To tour guides, if their guests want to swim, they should be advised that there are restrictions on activities in the water.”

north bali airportPolice lines have been installed on Kelingking Beach, Diamond Beach, and Angel Billabong Beach to make it clear that entering the water is not allowed. The new and temporary rules came into place on 23rd January following a series of serious incidences in Nusa Penida since late December. Nusa Penida Police Chief Kompol Ida Bagus Putra Sumerta confirmed the ban and that the situation would remain under review. (Main Article: North Bali Airport)

The incident that really drew the line in the sand for authorities in Nusa Penida happened on 21st January. Search and Rescue teams were called to assist a Russian tourist after she had been hit by strong waves on the famous Kelingking Beach. Officers later told reporters that the 33-year-old tourist had dislocated her shoulder. Although she was able to walk, she needed assistance from SAR team members to navigate the dangerous path back up the cliffside.

Authorities in Nusa Penida have not given a prospective date for the ban on swimming to be lifted. Bali is in the middle of rainy season. This time of year not only brings heavy downpours but also storms at sea and rapidly changing tides and strong, unpredictable waves. There is a possibility that swimming will be banned on Nusa Penida’s most iconic beaches for the remainder of the rainy season, which generally dries up in late March.

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Main Article: North Bali Airport

Travel Restrictions Suspended – PPKM withdrew

Travel Restrictions Suspended

Travel Restrictions SuspendedIndonesian President Joko Widodo formally withdrew the policy limiting public movement (Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat – PPKM), effective 30 December 2022.

According to the Singapore Straits Times, the decision by the Indonesian government to end policies controlling and limiting domestic activities and travel was taken after Indonesia had not experienced a significant increase in daily new cases for ten consecutive months. At its height, the PPKM Policy bought inter-provincial transportation by bus and air to a virtual standstill and, over time, required travelers to be fully vaccinated, undergo COVID testing, and submit to extended periods of quarantine and re-testing. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

In abolishing PPKM measures, President Widodo said: “But, we need to remain vigilant . . .the public must independently take steps to prevent infection, detect symptoms, and seek treatment.”

News published by NIKKEI ASIA, under the title “Indonesia lifts all remaining COVID restrictions for the new year,” casts a spotlight on Indonesia, which once recorded the highest level of COVID-19 infections in Asia, but recorded less than 1,000 new daily cases over the past week, also reflected in relatively low rates of hospitalization and fatalities.

NIKKEI reported Health Ministry data that lists Indonesia as the fourth most populous country in the world and has recorded more than 6.7 million overall cases, including 160,583 deaths. Almost 75% of the Indonesian population older than six years, or 174.7 million people, have received two COVID vaccinations, and a further 68.5 million have received a COVID-booster shot. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Praise was also heaped on Indonesia by Free Malaysia Today reported a statement by President Joko Widodo that his country had conquered all impediments to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring that most Indonesians now carry the antibody against the virus.

In a press conference announcing the end of PPKM, President Joko Widowo said: “There are no longer any limits on meetings and movements.”

Also celebrating the end of PPKM in Indonesia, The Hindustan Times has published an article No masks, no tracking app: Indonesia lifts remaining Covid restrictions.

President Widodo said: “On Friday, (30 December 2022) Indonesia eliminated all remaining steps to control the spread of COVID-19. Effective immediately, this was done because the majority of the country’s populace now carried the antibody against this disease.” Adding: “There will no longer be any limitations on meetings and movements.” (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

With the President’s ruling, it is presumed that the need to present proof of vaccination to travel by air domestically has also been abolished.

Retirees Not Applying for 2nd Home Visas

2nd Home VisaThe 2nd Home Visa, launched with much fanfare in late October 2022 and scheduled to become available on 25 December, has failed to attract any takers in Bali.

The State News Agency Antara reports that Anggiat Napitupulu, Head of Immigration in Bali for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, confirmed that there had been no applicants for the new class of 2nd Home Visas filed with his office. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The new class of 2nd Home Visas is intended to provide wealthy foreigners the opportunity to obtain stay permits valid for 5 or 10 years without any obligation of employment or a requirement to own a business in Indonesia. The key requirement for a 2nd Home Visa is that the applicant must be able to demonstrate to immigration authorities that they have Rp. 2 billion on deposit with a Government Bank or can present a deed of ownership for a luxury property in Indonesia.

The government’s anticipation that foreigners living in Indonesia on retirement visas would quickly migrate from retirement visas to 2nd Home Visa has failed to materialize.

There are an estimated 6,000 foreigners living in Bali using retirement visas.

2nd Home Visa IndonesiaSpeaking at a press conference held in Denpasar on Monday, 26 December 2022, Napitupulu said: “For Bali, I have not yet received confirmation that any foreigner has departed to Indonesia holding a ‘second home visa.’ 6,000 people in Bali hold retirement visas.”  (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Putting to rest widespread concerns that those on retirement visas would be required to convert their immigration status to a 2nd Home Visa, the Immigration Chief for Bali added that individuals holding retirement visas can renew and extend their current visa.

Those applying for a 2nd Home Visa must present proof of an Rp. 2 billion deposit with an Indonesian government bank or a property certificate for a “luxury” property in Indonesia. Within 90 days of the second home visa applicant’s arrival in Indonesia, they must present the supporting financial documentation to immigration from a bank or a certified copy of the land ownership certificate. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Police Mull 3-Tiered Motorcycle Licensing

Tiered Motorcycle LicensingThe Indonesian police are revisiting long-standing plans to issue new “C-Class” driver’s licenses (SIM) across three sub-types. The appropriate SIM-C driver’s license class will be linked to the vehicle’s engine size.

  • A SIM C License will be valid for motorcycles with 250 cc engines or less.
  • A SIM CI License will allow the holder to operate a bike with an engine between 250cc and 500 cc.
  • A SIM CII License will be required to operate a motorcycle with an engine of more than 500cc.

A spokesman for the National Traffic Police, AKNP Arief Budiman, said the differentiations for a SIM C Driver’s License are based on the need for specific skill sets depending on the size of the motorcycle. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The three classes of SIM C are outlined in Police Regulation Number 5 of 2021, signed by the Head of the National Chief of Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, on 19 February 2021. That regulation has yet to be implemented by the Indonesian police, who claim more time is needed to socialize and enforce the new licensing system for motorcycles.

While police are mulling when to launch the three-tiered motorcycle licensing system, a national survey is now underway to determine the actual number of motorcycles with engine capacities greater than 250 cc operating in Indonesia. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

As reported by, police are also preparing requirements to be put in place to obtain a CI or CII Motorcyclist License. While drivers must be at least 17 years of age to get a SIM C Standard Motorcycle License, this age limit increases to 18 years for a SIM CI and 19 years for a SIM CII.

Also, to qualify for a SIM CI, an applicant must have held a SIM C license for 12 months. Similarly, to apply for a SIM CII, applicants must have held a SIM CI for 12 months. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Tiered Motorcycle Licensing IndonesiaThese requirements raise the legal question if anyone is eligible for a SIM CII for at least one year from the introduction of the new three-tiered system. In other words, anyone desiring a SIM CII for a “monster bike” of 500 cc or more would need to park that bike for one year while they first obtain and hold the newly minted SIM CI for one year to meet the requirements to apply for a SIM CII. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Applicants for SIM CI and SIM CII are also obliged to pass a road safety theory quiz, undergo a motorcycle simulator test, and take a road test supervised by the police. A minimum passing score of 70 is required for the theory portion of the test. Those failing to obtain a passing score are allowed two separate retests within 14 days.

Indonesia Sets Tourism Targets for 2023

Indonesia Tourism Targets 2023Speaking during a visit to Jembrana Regency in Bali on Thursday, 29 December 2022, Indonesian Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandia Salahuddin Uno, urged West Bali to strengthen its readiness for the onslaught of tourists that will result in the opening of a toll road connecting Denpasar and Gilimanuk. The Minister said future developments will help achieve a more equitable distribution of tourism across all Bali areas that are now overly focused on the south and east of Bali. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The Minister underlined how the new toll road scheduled for completion in 2025 would impact Bali’s development. Adding: “We need to get ready because Jembrana will be along the toll road connecting Denpasar and Gilimanuk. We must prepare a tourism ecosystem as many things will soon be relocating to West Bali.”

Commenting separately and quoted by, Minister Sandiaga reminded his listeners that Bali remains foremost in the world’s mind as a tourism destination. He urged that Bali’s sustaining popularity be used to the optimum. Adding: “This is the basis of our continuing optimism; the tourism ecosystem and creative economy must be prepared, starting now. This is our homework so that tourism recovery takes place more equitably, emphasizing quality and sustainability.” (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Minister Sandiaga said that the target for domestic and international tourists in 2023 is projected to double the current performance. For international tourists in 2023, Indonesia aims to welcome 7.4 million visitors, while domestic travelers are expected to hit between 1.2 and 1.4 billion movements.

Sandiaga said: “All tourism and the creative economy operators must address these (targets). Don’t let us get left behind! We must prepare to create new business opportunities that create the widest employment opportunities.” (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

High Winds & Rain Claim Trees in Denpasar

bali reports that heavy rains and strong winds experienced in Bali’s southernmost region on Friday night, 23 December 2022, uprooted trees in several locations in Bali’s capital.

The Head of Denpasar’s Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD-Denpasar), I.B. Joni Ariwibawa, said on Saturday morning, 24 December, that a downed tree on Jalan Sudirman in Denpasar, claimed the life of a driver Suwarto (39) and caused minor injuries to his passenger, Vebry Aberson Simarmata (23). (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The BPBD responded to reports of fallen trees in locations that include Jalan Ahmad Yani Utara in front of Peguyabngan Temple in North Denpasar, Jalan P.B. Sudirman in front of the Santo Yoseph Junior High School (SMP), and Jalan Raya Sesetan, South Denpasar.

The winds also upended trees on Jalan Setra Dalem Sesetan in front of the Sesetan Cemetery, South Denpasar; Jalan Pulau Lingga, Denpasar in front of Banjar Ambengan Pedungan; and on Jalan Malboro in West Denpasar. “These incidents were handled by the BPBD Fire Brigade in Denpasar and the environmental agency,” added Joni. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

On Thursday night, 22 December 2022, the day before the storm, several trees also fell victim to the extreme weather, including a Weeping Fig Tree in Puputan Field in Central Denpasar. A tree on Jalan WR Supratman also fell, blocking the roadway that was eventually cleared by BPBD and Environmental Agency (DLHK) workers.

Separately, a division head of DLHK-Denpasar, Ida Ayu Widhiyanasari, ST, said that Angsana Trees (Pterocarpus indicus) are among the trees most susceptible to falling in wind storms. Because of this, city authorities said they would discontinue planting this tree species. (Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Trees standing in soil made moist by rains and floods often fall in high winds when their root systems become compromised.

Main Article: Travel Restrictions Suspended

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