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Indonesian Civil Aviation

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Indonesian Civil Aviation  – Indonesia Aviation Reacts to Coronavirus Threat

Indonesian Civil AviationIndonesian Civil Aviation Authorities Seek to Limit Negative Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak

Indonesia, like nations around the world, is quickly putting into place countermeasures to curb the spread of the coronavirus from its perceived point of origin in Wuhan, China.
As reported by, The Indonesian Director General of Civil Aviation has issued an edict (SE.001/DKP/I/2020 tanggal 20 Januari 2020) ordering a number of critical steps to be taken immediately in the national sector:

The orders covers four points, namely: General Declarations (Gendec) are to handed to quarantine officials by all passengers arriving in Indonesia.

Reporting to aviation officials whenever a passenger is suspected to be showing symptoms of the flu.

During flights destined to Indonesia, providing arriving passengers from countries where there are confirmed cases of coronavirus with Health Alert Cards that lists symptoms and emergency contacts for anyone who begins exhibiting symptoms of the disease.

Ensuring that passengers report to officials whenever there is a suspicion of a corona virus infection and make in-flight announcements urging people to openly approach quarantine officials should they have any health concerns.

The Director-General of Civil Aviation Polana B. Pramesti has also instructed all air operators to continually enhance their monitoring of international arrival terminals and coordinate with all air travel stakeholders in anticipation of a possible spread of the corona virus via international incoming passengers.

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