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Corona Virus Bali Indonesia

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Corona Virus Bali Indonesia

Situation Update 29.5.2020 by

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia

The new Corona Virus (Sars-CoV-2) in Bali

The world has been hit by the new Corona Virus and it has also reached Indonesia and Bali. We will post here the latest updates on the development and corona situation in Bali and hope that all travelers and citizens will be safe. The Indonesian government is very active in managing the situation and continues to take measures to stop the disease to spread further.

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia – Is it ok traveling to Bali? Is Bali Safe?

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia – SITUATION IN BALI:

  • Most travelers have left Bali
  • Indonesia has banned all foreign arrivals until further notice
  • All citizens and visitors are asked to stay at home, work from home and follow the guidelines of “SOCIAL DISTANCING”.
  • Food shopping and other important necessities are still possible (not a lock down)
  • A penalty of up to IDR 100 Mio and imprisonment of up to 1 year if regulations are not obeyed
  • Most restaurants and bars are closed but offer delivery or pick up service.
  • Major events have been cancelled and the governor has instructed the Balinese to stay away from mass events (religions and non-religious).
  • All tourist attractions and sites have been asked to temporarily closed, including the beaches.
  • Stranded tourists who arrived after Feb 5th 2020 are granted a free Visa extension without having to go to Immigration Office
  • Otherwise the situation is mostly calm and controlled.

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia – TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS:

  • For now all foreign arrivals have been banned, unless you have a valid work permit
  • Until 20th of April you would have needed a VISA to come to Indonesia (temporary Free Visa Suspension Current Travel Restrictions,
  • For now, most countries advise their citizens to avoid all unnecessary traveling, some countries closed their borders. some even ordered their citizens to stay home.

The risk to get infected in Bali might be as low or high as in any other place in the world, that’s not a so called hot spot. Indonesian authorities and particularly the ones in Bali have shown that they take the situation seriously and have implemented several regulations and procedures, to promote and enforce SOCIAL DISTANCING. But of course, there is no guarantee, there is always room for improvement, and we all still learn how to deal with this.

It would not be right to claim that any country, be it our home country or any other place these days is 100% safe. Based on the scientific data and experiences the world has gathered by now about the corona virus, the virus is indeed a threat. However, how much of a threat really depends on your individual circumstances, your personal actions and behaviors, and the level of precautions you take. And of course to a certain extend we depend on the professionalism of government authorities and also businesses that facilitate transportation, travel, etc.

So far, the number of corona patients is still low in Indonesia, particularly in relation to the total population. More cases will definitely be reported.

In a way, life goes on in Bali. But more people realize, as in many other parts of the world, it’s serious and we should all follow the precaution measures as suggested by the WHO, and the local government, and to follow the idea of SOCIAL DISTANCING. It’s the best we can do.

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