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Bali Villa Rental – BLOG & NEWS

Bali Villa Rental – BLOG & NEWS

bali villa rental


Read on our frequently updated BLOGS / NEWS to get the most recent updates and interesting articles related to villa rental in North Bali. Information about Villa Rental, why to rent a villa in the North, special offers or updates on rules & regulations in Indonesia affecting rentals and new listed villas available for rent in Lovina area. Also information about villas and houses ocean front or hillside available for long term rent in the area.


Recently published Blogs, Articles & Relevant News: 

Published 20.10.2020:
“North Bali Airport in a Holding Pattern….
“… more!

Published 29.09.2020:
“The Islands Property Market – The fading shine….
“… more!

Published 31.08.2020:
“The future of Bali – What lies ahead for the island…
“… more!

Published 28.07.2020:
“Tourism Reopening –
Bali Welcomes Role as Pilot Project for Tourism Restart“… more!

Published 15.07.2020:
“Indonesia Ends Emergency Stay Permits
“… more!

Published 23.06.2020:
“Corona Virus
– Phased Reopening…“… more!

Published 15.06.2020:
Villa Property Market in Shamble – Real Estate Situation Update…“… more!

Published 29.05.2020:
“Corona Virus
– Situation Update…“… more!

Published 26.02.2020:
Indonesia & the Corona Virus – The worry to travel…“… more!

Published 4.02.2020:
Bali Environment – Minus the Chemicals“… more!

Published 28.01.2020:
Indonesian Civil Aviation  – Indonesia Reacts to Corona Virus Threat“… more!

Published 25.01.2020:
“Bali Hotels – Moratorium on New Hotels and Minimum Selling Rates
!“… more!

Published 02.01.2020:
Bali Environment – Minus the Chemicals!”… more!

Published 22.09.2019:
Airport installs state of the art inspection device!”… more!

Published 25.08.2019:
“Sea Abrasion Destroys Villas and Hotel Project in South-East of the island
!“… more!

Published 20.08.2019:
“Tourism –
Big change for tourists flying from AU to Bali!”… more!

Published 14.08.2019:
“Villa rental business – The danger of unlicensed villa operations!“… more!

Published 27.07.2019:
“Indonesian Luxury Tax – “Indonesian government cuts income tax for luxury residences!… more!

Published 07.06.2019:
“Transport – no free choice of transportation for Bali visitors!… more!

Published 23.05.2019:
“Governor moving ahead with plans for rail system as part of overall island access plan… more!

Published 08.05.2019:
“Indonesian Visa – Significant Increase in Immigration & Overstay Fees… more!

Published 06.02.2019:
Entry Tax – the struggling to find a legal way to charge US$10 Heritage Fee… more!

Published 30.01.2019:
Entry Tax” – now called “Heritage Fee”… more!

Published 23.01.2019:
“Airport Entry Tax” – moving ahead with plans to charge $10 tax on arrival… more!

Published 03.01.2019:
Property purchase” – leasehold vs. freehold properties… more!

Published 02.01.2019:
“Banyuwangi International Airport” – the current gateway to West and North Bali open for business……read more!

Published 28.12.2018:
“Retiring in Paradise” – how to retire on Paradise Island… more!

Published 20.12.2018:
“New intl. airport for the North?” – Recent News about the new international airport project at Kubutambahan… more!

Published 06.12.2018:
Real Estate for foreigners” – Indonesia plans to cut property taxes to stimulate economy… more!

Published 20.11.2018:
“A helpful guide to investing in North Bali’s Real Estate”… more!