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Bali Travel Requirements 2022

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Bali Travel Requirements 2022

Bali Travel Requirements 2022With the formal announcement that Bali has opened its air and seaport for international travel and the reduction of the quarantine period to five days, many are hopeful that Indonesia is moving towards handling COVID-19 as an endemic situation, diverting away from the current stance of reacting to an epidemic.

Optimism that the island may soon see foreign visitors again is fueled, in part, by plans by Singapore Airlines’ decision to resume daily flights to ther island on 16 February 2022.

While plans surrounding the reopening of the island remain very much in flux and subject to change at a moment’s notice, the Sub-coordinator for Public Relations at the Director-General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh, restated on Monday, 31 January 2021, the requirements and conditions that must be met for international travelers arriving in Bali and the Riau Archipelago.

Before the latest announcement, to limit the speed of COVID, only 19 countries were officially welcome to visit the island, a selection rendered moot by the continuing lack of any international flights to the Island. In the latest announcement and speaking optimistically, Achmad announced, “Now, travelers from all over the world can enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and the Riau Archipelago.

Update on Bali Travel Requirements 2022 for international arrivals – International Travelers Coming to to the famous holiday island must meet the following requirements:

– Foreigners arriving in Bali and Riau must hold a Visitor’s Visa (B211A Visa) sponsored by a travel agency, not an individual.

– Foreign national in possession of a passport with a B211A Visa must follow all the health protocols established by the Government of Indonesia.

– All international travelers must be in possession of a certificate showing they are fully vaccinated, having received at least two injections of the COVID-19 vaccine.

– Must undergo an RT-PCR test upon arrival in Indonesia.

– All international travelers arriving in Bali or Riau must undergo the newly revised quarantine period of 5-days.

– Foreign travelers must provide proof of health insurance to a minimum coverage of US$100,000.

– Foreign travelers must present proof of having paid in advance for their holiday accommodation during their stay in Riau or Bali.


Bali Travel Requirements 2022- Quarantine Chicanery Must Stop reports that President Joko Widodo has directed the National Chief of Police, General Listyo Sigit, to spare no effort investigating reports of wrongdoing in the administration of the quarantine required of international travelers arriving in Indonesia.

The President issued his instructions to the Indonesian police following a complaint received from a Ukrainian tourist suggesting her COVID-19 test results were falsified to require a prolonged, expensive, and unnecessary quarantine stay at a Jakarta hotel.

“I have heard (this report), and I have asked the National Chief of Police to investigate any playing around in the quarantine process thoroughly. Enough. I have heard this complaint from several foreigners on this problem,” said the Indonesian President in a message uploaded on 01 February 2022 by the Presidential Palace Secretariat. The President added that he is calling for proper discipline in carrying out the strict entry requirements and quarantine process.


Bali Travel Requirements 2022 – Ukrainian Tourists Rescued

Receiving widespread coverage in the Indonesian press, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, has busted possible misconduct those handling an international visitor forced to quarantine in Jakarta before continuing to a Bali holiday.

Sandiaga tells of the experience of a Ukrainian female tourist brought to his attention via an email sent by the affected tourist. The Ukrainian woman, accompanied by her 6-year-old daughter, had completed the required quarantine in a Jakarta hotel. Preparing to end the quarantine and showing no symptoms of COVID-19, the family underwent a PCR Swab test organized by reportedly by the hotel. Bali Travel Requirements 2022

Quoted by NusaBali, Sandiaga said via his Instagram account on Saturday, 29 January 2022: “Last week I received a report from a Ukrainian tourist that she and her daughters planning to holiday in Bali encountered a problem. On the last day of her quarantine in a Jakarta hotel, they were told that a PCR test performed before leaving the hotel showed a positive result for the Coronavirus.”

Certain that the test result was incorrect, the Ukrainian tourist immediately requested a new PCR test. Strangely, the hotel refused to allow them to undergo the requested re-test administered by anyone other than the official quarantine facility officials. The Bali-bound tourists were then offered a costly extension of their quarantine stay at the hotel. Feeling they were being cheated, the Ukrainians reported the case by email to the Minister of Tourism. Bali Travel Requirements 2022

Continuing, Minister Sandiaga said, “I immediately ask for assistance so they could take a new PCR test because of their suspicion that the results were incorrect.” The Ministry’s team intervened, new test with a negative result showed the Ukrainians free of the COVID-virus. As a result, the Minister affirmed that the tourists were now free to holiday in Bali.

“This was is concrete proof of the rapid response from @kemenparekraf.ri to BUILD THE ECONOMY and save JOBS in the tourism sector. We are trying to bring justice and provide peace of mind for tourists. Don’t let tourists get a negative impression (of Indonesia) because this will certainly tarnish the reputation of tourism and the Indonesian nation,” said Sandiaga.

Posting on Instagram, Sandiaga said: “Alhamdulillah, the problem has been quickly resolved. They (the Ukrainians) are currently enjoying Bali tourism. I hope that in the future there will be no more tourists who have such an unpleasant experience.” The Minister also warned that he would not hesitate to take firm action against those attempting to take unfair advantage of the current pandemic situation by damaging the good reputation of Indonesia. Bali Travel Requirements 2022

After being accompanied in the hotel check-out process by Ministry officials, the Ukrainian woman sent a follow-up email to thank the Minister for his quick and effective follow-up of her complaint.

The Deputy-chairman of Commission X of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR), Dede Yusuf, said he was aware of widely reported suspicions that trickery was used on a Ukrainian tourist staying at a Jakarta quarantine hotel. On Saturday, 29 January 2022, Yusuf said that he hoped the Ukrainian would file a formal police complaint that would allow police to investigate the suspicious incident.

As reported by, Jusuf said that if the identity of the officers involved in the quarantine trickery could be determined, penalties and punishments must be meted out accordingly. The DPR member insists that the case be investigated thoroughly to prevent damage to the reputation of Indonesian tourism.

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Bali Travel Requirements 2022

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