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Bali Quarantine 2021 – Reduced to 3-Days for RI

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Bali Quarantine 2021 – Reduced to 3-Days for RI

Bali Quarantine 2021Lobbying by the Provincial Government of Bali to reduce the quarantine period for foreign travelers to the Island has borne results with the announcement that the quarantine period for international travelers arriving in Indonesia has now been reduced to only three days.

The 5 to 3 days reduction applies to travelers who arrive with proof of being fully vaccinated (2 dosages) against COVID-19.

Due to the lack of direct international flights landing in Bali, the 3-day quarantine period would be spent in Jakarta or another Indonesian port of direct entry before boarding a domestic flight destined to Bali.

The new 3-day quarantine period is set forth in Circular Memorandum (Nomor 20 Tahun 2021 tentang Protokol Kesehatan Perjalanan Internasional pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19) published by the National Task Force on COVID-19 on Tuesdaym 02 November 2021.

Commenting in Bali and quoted by,  the Secretary of the Bali Provincial COVID-19 Task Force, Made Rentin, explained: “On the other hand, international travelers who have only received the initial dosage of vaccine will have to undergo the 5×24 Hour (5 days) quarantine.”

Meanwhile, Bali’s Deputy-Governor Tjokorda Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace) welcomed the change in quarantine rules, underlining that the Provincial Administration had been relentlessly lobbying Jakarta for an easing of quarantine requirements. “We have painted a picture (to Jakarta) of how other countries are introducing zero-quarantine requirements for foreign tourist visitors. This situation represents strong competition for Bali,” he said.

The Bali Provincial COVID-19 Task Force is anticipating a sharp increase in land and sea arrivals in Bali Quarantine via the ports of Gilimanuk and Padangbai, especially during the Christmas and New Year Holiday period.

Rentin said the Bali Task Force is currently focusing on implementing health protocols for domestic visitors to Bali. He also lamented recent arrests in Bali in connection with the falsification of vaccination certificates used by travelers inter-island ferries bound for Bali.

In anticipation of the coming holiday rush, Rentin said health and enforcement officials would be increased at both popular ports of entry to Bali.

Rentin reminded that domestic travelers arriving in Bali by air or by land/sea must show at the minimum proof of a single dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine or present a “negative” RT-PCR Test result performed within 3×24 hours of their departure.

Travelers who can prove that they are fully vaccinated (2 x dosage) are only required to present a “negative” result from the less-costly Rapid Antigen Test performed 1×24 hours before their departure.

All domestic travelers must download and activate the SmartPhone Application provided by the Government of Indonesia for use when accessing public events and places.

Bali Arrivals Continue Upward Climb

Bali Quarantine 2021PT Angkasa Pura I (PAP 1) The State-owned management company at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport reported passenger movements, both inbound and outbound, increasing during 01-11 November 2021, totaling 177,723 passengers.

The Stakeholder Relations Manager for PAP in Bali, Taufan Yudhistira, said that during the first 11 days of November 2021, arriving passengers in Bali equaled 90.970 passengers with 86,753 travelers departing Bali’s sole airport. Daily, an average of 12,000 passengers passed through the airport.

Because of the lack of international flights to and from Bali, activity at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport is dominated to an overwhelming degree by domestic air travelers. Bali Quarantine 2021

As reported by, during the subject eleven-day period, the busiest day occurred on 11 November when 10.159 arriving passengers landed in Bali. The busiest day for departing passengers was on 07 November, when 11,023 people flew out of the Island.

Most passengers landing in Bali originate from Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar.

The Airport management continues to emphasize the application of strict health protocols for all travelers passing through Bali’s airport. These include wearing face masks, maintaining physical distancing, vaccination certification, and use of the PeduliLindungi Application.


Hospitality Leaders: Open Bali’s Borders

Bali QuarantineThe Bali Association of Hospitality Leaders (AHLI) calls on the Indonesian government to declare Bali open to all international travelers and not limit arrivals to the 19 selected countries recently announced by the government.  AHLI said the reopening of Bali’s borders should happen now to take advantage of the impetus of Christmas and New Year’s holiday travel periods.

In the more than three weeks following the declaration that Bali’s was open to tourist visits from 19 countries on 14 October, no international airline, including the national carrier Garuda Indonesia, has requested an international flight slot from the Island’s Airport Authority.

Tourism industry observers cite quarantine requirements and cumbersome visa requirements, causing the failure to restart international tourism to Bali. Bali Quarantine 2021

The chairman of AHLI-Bali, Sang Putu Eka Pertama, appealed to allow all nationalities to revisit Bali at a meeting of the Association held in Legian on Saturday, 06 November 2021.

Quoted by, Pertama said: “Don’t make it only 19 countries, but open (the borders) back to normal pre-pandemic levels. Open all flight, but with a new system.” Bali Quarantine

Pertama observed that no foreign tourists would return to Bali in the absences of international flights landing in Bali. He said a “new system” of administering arriving international passengers would require all visitors to be fully vaccinated. Bali Quarantine 2021

As travel is increasing globally, the AHLI chairman insists now is the right moment to reopen Bali to foreign visitors. Adding: “We can’t be frightened by COVID-19, but must always be cautious. Both public health and the economy must coexist. Cash flow comes in, while, at the same time, the public’s health must be safeguarded.”

Pertama continued, saying that quarantine procedures must remain in effect but reserved exclusively for tourists who test positive for COVID-19. He reasoned that there was no reason to place them in mandatory quarantine if a traveler tested “negative” for the coronavirus.


Bali Quarantine 2021 – No Party on the Island this 31 December reports that the COVID-19 Mitigation Task Force in Bali is forbidding bars and clubs in Bali from hosting “parties” while the Island remains at a Category 2 Pandemic Alert Level.

The provincial secretary for the  COVID Task Force in Bali, Made Rentin, defended the decision saying parties can create infection clusters.

Speaking on 11 November 2021, Rentin Added: “Actually, parties are still outlawed by the National COVID-19 Task Force because of the anticipation that (these events) being people in close physical proximity and the certainty that crowds will result.” Bali Quarantine 2021

Rentin said bars and clubs in Bali are allowed to operate, providing strict health protocols are implemented. Visitor numbers cannot exceed reduced occupancy levels and operating hours are also limited. All bar and club operators must use the PeduliLindungi Mobile Application with all people entering their premises scanning a Bar Code posted at the entrance.

“Every restaurant manager is required to use the PeduliLindungi Application and implement all other stipulated health protocols,” said Rentin. The Bali Task Force Secretary explained that all establishment managers must establish their own COVID-19 Task Force responsible for following and enforcing all provincial rules and regulations pertaining to the coronavirus.

Bali Quarantine 2021 – No New Years Parties in Bali Hotels and Clubs

Rentin confirmed that several hotels and restaurants in Bali have requested and been denied permission by the Province to hold New Years Parties on 31 December 2021.

Based on reports of non-compliance with COVID regulations by Bali nightspots, Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan recently deployed teams of officials to monitor activities at the Island’s entertainment venues.

Pandjaitan, the COVID-19 Czar, has called on Bali’s Provincial Government to confirm that nightspots in Bali are following the rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In keeping with instructions from Minister Pandjaitan and national guidelines, Rentin said that the Local Enforcement Agency (SatPol PP) would be monitoring bar and nightspots operating in Bali. While Rentin admitted some bars and nightclubs violating health protocols in Bali, the Province has not yet closed any venues. Instead, said Rentin, the Province was taking the “humanitarian approach” of warning the recalcitrant businesses.

Bali Quarantine 2021 – Towards Living Endemically with COVID-19

The chairman of the National COVID-19 Mitigation Team (Satgas COVID-19), Wiku Adisasmito, told the State News Agency Antara that Indonesia is increasingly prepared to live endemically with the coronavirus when the number of cases in five provinces of Indonesia can be brought under control.

Speaking at a press conference broadcast on Youtube on Tuesday, 09 November 2021, Adisasmito said: “For the period of 01-07 November 2021, a decrease of 12.2% in new cases when compared to the preceding week was recorded. This decrease represents the 16th consecutive week in which new COVID-19 cases have decreased since reaching a peak in mid-July.”

While Indonesia continues to see diminishing new COVID-19 cases, five provinces where new cases continue to increase each week have become a source of concern to the National COVID-19 Mitigation Team.  During the first week of November 2021, the five provinces recording increased cases were: West Papua with an increase of 100 new cases, Yogyakarta with a rise of 77 cases, Jakarta increasing by 46 cases, Southeast Sulawesi with an increase of 7 cases, and Bangka that recorded an increase of 5 cases.

While most of these increases were modest, Wiku Adisasmoto said that the five promises demand close attention against the remaining 29 provinces of Indonesia that have not recorded increased case levels. Bali Quarantine 2021

Wiku also noted that fatality rates related to COVID-19 are also generally on the decline nationwide. In the first week of November, increases in fatality rates were recorded North Sumatra (+5), West Sumatra (+3), South Sulawesi (+2), Riau (+2), and West Kalimantan (+1).

The provinces of Indonesia with the highest current number of active COVID-19 cases are Central Java (1,650), Papua (1.629), West Java (1,568), Jakarta (1,536), and North Kalimantan (738).

In conclusion, Wika said that if the number of fatalities and new cases continue to decline across the entire Indonesian nation, Indonesia will soon reach the point where it can co-exist with COVID-19 as an endemic disease.

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Bali Quarantine 2021

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