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Bali Indonesia Coronavirus – concerns about travelling!

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Bali Indonesia Coronavirus

Indonesia & Bali Has No Reported Coronavirus Cases.

bali indonesia coronavirusHealth experts have questioned why Indonesia has not yet reported a single case of novel coronavirus, even though officials were slow to halt nonstop flights from China. Indonesia receives about 2 million Chinese tourists a year, most of them in Bali.

“So far, Indonesia is the only major country in Asia that does not have a corona case,” Indonesia’s security minister, Mohammad Mahfud MD, told reporters on Friday. “The coronavirus does not exist in Indonesia.”

Bali Indonesia Coronavirus – None of the 285 people who were evacuated from Wuhan and are now in quarantine on the Indonesian island of Natuna have shown signs of the virus, he added.

The countries of Africa, like Indonesia, as of Tuesday had not yet reported a single confirmed case, though there have been many suspected cases. Africa, too, is a frequent destination for Chinese travelers — though most come to the continent for work, not tourism.

But the W.H.O. country representative, Dr. Navaratnasamy Paranietharan, said Indonesia is doing its best to face the new coronavirus, including screening passengers at points of entry and equipping hospitals for the arrival of suspected or diagnosed cases.

“We’re is doing what is possible to be prepared for and defend against the novel coronavirus,” he said.

Health officials say they have tested nearly 50 suspected cases, which were all negative.

Thirty Chinese workers from a cement company in North Sulawesi were placed in 14-day quarantine last week after returning from a holiday visit to China, an immigration official said. None of them have come down with the virus, he said.

The country is experienced at monitoring travelers for illness, he said, because the country has long been on the lookout for another dangerous coronavirus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS. About 1.4 million Indonesians go each year on pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia, where they can be exposed to MERS, he said, and they are screened on their return.

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