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Bali Entry Tax

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Bali Entry Tax – Governor Assures Bali Moving Ahead with Plans to Charge $10 Tourist Tax on Arrival

bali entry tax

The Provincial Government of Bali has confirmed that it is moving ahead with plans to charge US$10 to every foreign tourist arriving in Bali.

As reported by, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster confirmed the impending arrival tax during a meeting with the press at the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali)on Monday, January 14, 2019.

Governor Koster said: “Discussions have been held with a number of parties, and as is the case in a number of countries worldwide, the fee will only be charged to foreign tourists. The fee is only for foreigners. Domestic tourist are only ordinary travelers.”

The proposed Bali entry tax  respective fee to be paid by foreign travelers is US$10 per person.

Koster said the $US 10 fee would either be collected via the ticket price or via a coupon purchased by the foreign traveler. “We will collect via airline ticket sales. All the airlines agree. Once the regulations are implemented we will charge from with the ticket,” said the Governor.

How the bali entry tax will be collected from foreign travelers arriving by sea or overland will be dealt with in future regulations with the Governor saying the number of foreign visitors arriving by ferry cruise ship remains limited and can therefore wait.

Socialization of news about the fee is being given to travel agents. The Governor said tourists agree and endorse the tourism Bali entry tax because they understand the money will be used for cultural preservation. According to Koster, tourists understand that the preservation of culture is at the heart of tourism and that the money will be used to assist traditional villages (desa adat) that all agree represent that last stronghold of Balinese culture. The Governor warned that without Balinese culture, the sparkle and shine of Bali tourism will amount to nothing. No fixed date for the introduction of the new Bali entry tax has been announced.

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