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Absolute beachfront villa Bali – is almost always absolutely wrong!

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Absolute beachfront villa Bali is almost always absolutely wrong

Sea Abrasion Destroys Roads, Villas and Hotel Project in South-East Bali

absolute beachfront villa baliHigh winds and large waves continue to cause significant erosion and abrasion in South-East  & South-West coastal areas of Bali.  DenPost reports that heavy seas washed away 20 meters of roadway on Tegal Besar Beach in the Village of Negari, Banjarangkan in the South-East Regency of Klungkung. Also falling victim to the wave actions in Negari were a seawall and the walls of several seaside buildings.

A visit to the location also revealed that a hotel still under construction standing on the beach suffered wave damage, including the destruction of the Hotel’s swimming pool. Nearby, a 10-meter long wall surrounding the private villa of a Balinese stage artist who lives in Jakarta was also destroyed by wave action.

Indonesian zoning laws require a minimum setback from the high-water mark of 100-meters, a law that is often ignored by hotel and villa owners with predictable results.

Undeniably climate change takes its toll on the islands coastline, but not all hope is lost to own a absolute beachfront property on Bali island without expecting the devastating damages from high waves and land erosion’s.
On the north coast of Bali, the owners and residents of beachfront villas and properties close to beach still enjoy a quiet and mirror-like ocean over most of the year with fantastic views over the undisturbed Bali Sea.

Absolute beachfront villa Bali

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